Ordering The Holy Universe

Here are the various ways in which you can buy the book:

1. Buy Local

I’m a believer in “buy local,” so I encourage you to call your local independent bookstore and order the book. The final price you’ll pay will rival Amazon (assuming you’re paying for Amazon shipping).

If you need your bookstore’s information, you can click below to get to indiebound.org, where you’ll be directed to the page for The Holy Universe on their site. From there, put in your zip code, and you’ll be directed to your local bookstore’s site.

The advantage here is that you’ll be keeping your dollars local and supporting an important, local business (plus it bumps up the amount of attention the book gets out in the world, since booksellers will see it more).

International orders: I’ve been told by my distributor that bookstores outside of the United States and Canada should be able to order through two wholesalers: Ingram and Baker & Taylor. So you can ask your bookstore if that’s possible. You can also look at “International Orders” below.

Order from your local bookstore


2. Buy from me (and use coupon code 44HOLY)

Click below to order directly from me; this takes you to Small Press United/IPG, my wonderful distributor and fulfillment house; they will handle the details from there. If you use coupon code “44HOLY,” it’ll take enough off the price so that the final cost will rival Amazon (assuming you pay shipping for Amazon).

International orders: My distributor can and will ship all over the world (though it might be costly; however, the coupon code should work for you, too). You can also look at “International Orders” below.

Order directly from me

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3. Buy from Amazon

The book is also up on Amazon.com. Click below to get to the book’s Amazon page.

Order from Amazon


International Orders

If you can’t easily find The Holy Universe online or at your bookstore, you can order through TheĀ  Book Depository, an international book service (free shipping to most locations worldwide).

Order from Book Depository